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Projects of the Eco-Sustainability Network

For 2018-2019, the Eco-Sustainability Network and the Northern Illinois Conference are encouraging our congregations to participate in four projects, shown here. We're building this website to be a primary resource for your congregation, so it will be growing and expanding throughout the year. 


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Congregational Green Certification

Northern Illinois Conference encourages all congregations to create a Green Team and take one or more steps toward sustainability in seven areas each year:  


energy, resource management, transportation, foodtoxic chemicals, water, and community outreach

Nobody is "dictating what you should do"! This website will offer a large, and we mean LARGE number of suggestions and a lot of help so you can make steps that make sense to your congregation and mission field. If you have other ideas, great!


Pictured: 265 watt solar installation at Compassion UMC, Brookfield)

Congregational Energy Audits

It's amazing what a real energy audit can do for your building! Two organizations are ready and eager to help you discover what you could do to save money and the planet, and keep warm in winter and cool in summer, at the same time: 

Faith in Place

Elevate Energy

Plus, check out the testimonials in our blog

Operation Styrofoam​ Free

Somebody describes Operation Styrofoam...

Project Snowfall​

Project Snowfall is a low-intensity form of political action that can involve young folks and older folks.


Invite participants to draw or color flowers, butterflies, trees etc. on a postcard with a gentle message inviting the recipient state legislator or other official to consider the health of air, earth and water when making decisions.


Hand-address them for the best response. 

For more suggestions, contact Bill Koehl. 

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