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Other Creation Care-Relation Actions by General Conference

Other Creation Care related legislation included the reaffirmation of current statements in the Book of Resolutions to include Energy Policy, Caring for Creation: A Call to Stewardship and Justice, and more.

Also passed at General Conference were petitions related to Creation Justice including petitions addressing immigration, racism, white privilege, rights of children and more.

This is a follow list from Rev. Nancy Blade that lists reference numbers for some of these items:

CC34; 20727-CA-¶160-G SUPPORTED as submitted (For: 30; Against: 5; Not Voting: 2)
Revised Social Principles-Preface

CC112; 20531-CA-R1001-G SUPPORTED as submitted ( For 34, Against 3, Not Voting 1)
Energy Policy Statement “We urge all annual conferences, churches and agencies to develop ambitions, just, and equitable transitions pathways for the energy sources to be clean and renewable”

CC113 & CC114; 20758 & 20760-CA; SUPPORTED as Submitted (For 33, Against 2, Not voting 3)
Readopt 1033 is “Care for Creation: A Call to Stewardship and Justice.”
1035 is “Climate Change and the Church’s Response.”

CC 129-133; 20754-20757, 20759- ADCA Page 1192 SUPPORTED as submitted (For 33, Against 1, Not Voting 2) Retain Resolutions: R1025, R1028, R1029, R1032. R1034;
Environmental Racism, Law of the Sea, Protection of Water, Principles for Just and Sustainable Extraction and Production, and Environmental Health.

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