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Energy Ideas- for using it, not losing it! 

Easy switch! Change all your lighting to LED's - either all at once, or little by little as you are able to. 


Investigate solar energy! Each fall Illinois Solar Energy Association members host a Solar Tour.  It's also virtual -the link goes to videos from various people and com-mercial buildings, including Brookfield Compassion U.M.C.


You don't need the ideal site for solar to be cost-effective. Google's Project Sunroof can give you a rough idea of how your site looks to the sun. 

Ready to go solar, but don't have the cash up front?

There are many ways to finance a solar installation or participate in a solar future. 

Net Zero Task Force member Dick Alton lifts up "a solar company that will do a Lease Solar program and is able to start you on a free Community Solar arrangement. Unity Solar Group has been checked out and they have great ratings. Chicago South Shore UMC is going to try out the leasing solar program. It would be great if some congregations could try out their Community Solar. Contact Unity Solar Group, Vira Dubkova at 773 727 8347 or email at"

Go Deeper: 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency partners with Energy Star to offer a free Action Workbook for Congregations.  

This page includes links to two excellent videos and other resources. 

EnergyStarWorkbook copy.jpg

Rewiring America is a nonprofit encouraging clean electrification. It offers lots of information including this guide, and an online calculator, to how families can benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act rebates and tax credits. 

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