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The Big One, and then Another One

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

This is the big one, from early October- 12 years left:

The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees celsius

A few weeks later, new science suggesting the UN special reports are still too cautious - oops, maybe only 10 years left:

Startling new research finds large buildup of heat in the oceans, suggesting a faster rate of global warming

Because the scale of the changes needed are beyond our individual abilities, we should give serious consideration to:

Collective action

“Although individual choices and actions are important, experts say people need to unite if the scale of this challenge is to be met, making the political space for politicians and big businesses to make the necessary changes.

Bill McKibben, a leading climate campaigner and founder of, argues that the most important thing people can do is come together to form movements – or join existing groups – that can “push for changes big enough to matter”, from city-wide renewable energy programmes to large-scale divestment from fossil fuels.”

Overwhelmed by Climate Change? Here’s what we can do:

As a reminder, that does not mean we will actually do anything. During the last presidential debates, Climate Change was not a topic. And in last weeks fundraising survey from the Democratic Party about which of the 10 suggested topics were of the greatest concern for potential donors - climate change was not mentioned.

And of course, there is Project SnowFall. Stay tuned for my next blog.

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