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Make It Personal

Landlord, ecology and economy is how we talked about it back in the day. We didn't make it personal. We looked for socio-economic changes to address our environmental concerns. We visited landfills and mused over the growing numbers. We brought in speakers to talk about suburban sprawl and learned that a lack of sidewalks divides neighbors. Let's return to regional communication about land development, but this time let's make it personal.

After 30 years in pastoral ministry I now work with people who put their creation care philosophies into practice. What we do every day matters to them. Recycle and reduce, ok sure, but also choices in our buying power and use of resources. Through our we want to help others take more steps in reducing their carbon footprint at their church home.

Going green together is our motto at econetnic. We need your church stories to make that happen. Thanks for sharing!

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Rev. Beth Galbreath
Rev. Beth Galbreath
03. Mai 2018

Great point, Nancy! Interesting about sidewalks. When Jim retired we looked for sidewalks as a safety feature for us old folks who love to walk. There are streets in Chicago suburbia where there are sidewalks on one side and none on the other because "the other side" is unincorporated. And in winter, when Jim clears snow, he loves to clear it from our house all the way to the school crossing, because we are the last house and otherwise children would have to walk in the street. Neighbors! I will never look at a sidewalk the same way again!

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