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JustGoods - Fair trade and free watts

JustGoods is the fair trade artisans store that's part of the mission of Rockford Urban Ministries, a Northern Illinois Conference-related agency headed by Stan Campbell, a longtime renewable energy enthusiast himself.

So when RUM renovated a building to house their ministry and store, it first enstalled a small wind generator, but found that didn't work so well. It produced little power and when it did run, it created unsustainable pressures on the structure of the old building.

So, with a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation, individual donations and volunteer help, a very successful solar system was installed! The picture shows the JustGoods roof; the inset shows project leaders Lee Schreiner and Ken Ring.

Lee Schreiner, Ken Ring and the solar panels powering JustGoods of Rockford Urban Ministries
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